Secure your digital legacy in a Time Capsule

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What isTime Guardian ?

Introducing Time Guardian : the revolutionary app that lets you transfer your digital legacy safely and reliably for generations to come inside a Time Capsule. With imperishable technology, Time Guardian guarantees total confidentiality and preserves the ownership of all your data.
Time Guardian accommodates all types of media, whether it's texts, videos, photos, private keys, files, virtual worlds, or contracts. However, your descendants can only discover them at the time and date you decide. With Time Guardian, your important memories live on, and your stories can be transferred from generation to generation.
To ensure the security of your stored information, Time Guardian encrypts everything, allowing access to your files only through passwords and decryption keys. Experience peace of mind knowing your data is 100% secure. Try Time Guardian today!

Your data saved

with Time Guardian
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Your family says thank you
Gather your files, favorite videos or souvenir photos for your children and transfer this memorial legacy to them on a specific date.
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Your personal information are safe
File all your important documents such as insurance policies, access codes, crypto wallets... making sure that your loved ones can access them if needed.
stairway to the universe with clouds around it
Death is only a stage
When you pass away, send precious memories, wisdom and priceless treasures to your descendants.
How does it work?

Life is short-lived,but your legacy will live on forever

Time Guardian meets all these challenges
Support for all of your media
The Time Capsule receives all kinds of media, be it text, video, photos, private keys, files, virtual worlds or even contracts.
Programmable sharing
Customize the transfer of your digital data in a snap. Choose between sending to an unlimited number of years, an automatic opening at your death, or a notary or collective consensus.
Long term data storage
Ensure the longevity of your information with a storage plan that delivers unprecedented performance. For 100 years, on servers around the world, the Time Capsule stores your archives. All with intangible encryption for ultimate security!
No third party*
Time Guardian utilizes reliable open-source technology for long-lasting storage. There's no need for a middleman, and Capsules will continue to send even if the app shuts down. (* Death Protocol may use a third party)
Your capsule benefits from a high performance security. Its transfer will never be intercepted and the exposure of its contents in no case forced. Don't worry, your data is protected!
closed eye
The capsule is created in a totally confidential manner. No one can know any of the movements of your files.
Buckle up!
Data transmission
in all tests
On a specific date
Don't leave your memories to chance. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any other important date, your files will be safely and securely transferred to your loved ones. With Time Capsule, you can schedule your digital legacy to be sent on any day you choose.
With the group's approval
One capsule, one consensus. Ask for your partners' consent before sending your files. Your Time Capsule is waiting for everyone to say Go!
After death
The scheduled execution of your digital will. After your death, Time Capsule will be given to the person you have chosen.

How much?

Your legacy is priceless

Capture your memories today, share them tomorrow!
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Votre Time capsule
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10 Gb + 50 years
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Death protocol
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Consent Protocol
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Date protocol

Frequently asked questions

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